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          對夾止回閥 Wafer Check Valve

          應用  止回閥應用于不銹鋼管道系統內,以達到防止液體回流的目的。

          工作原理  當閥桿下部的壓力超過閥桿上面的壓力以及彈簧力時,閥門就開啟,當閥桿上、下壓力平衡時,閥門就會關閉。一個更高的逆向壓力作用于閥桿使其關閉

          材質  產品與介質接觸部分304或316L  

          連接 DIN11850,IDF/ISO"SMS國際標準尺寸制造,保障與進口設備的連接與互換。

          技術數據   如果閥門被安裝在一根垂直管道內,開啟間門所需要的不同的壓力大約為:

                            最大輸送物料壓力:10bar       最高溫度: 140℃ (EPDM )         最低溫度:- 10℃

          Wafer Check Valve

          Application Checkvalve is used in stainless steel pipe system topreventreverse flow.

          Workingprinciple  Thevalve opens when the pressure below the valve plugexceedsthe pressure above the plug plus spring force. The valve close when pressureequalization has beenachievedA higher counter pressure will press the v alveplugagainstthe seat and makes the valve closed

          Connectionstyle DlN 11850,lDF/lSO,SMS internationalstandard size.

          Technical date   Roquireddifferential pressures to turn on the valve that fitted in a vertical pipeline areabout:

          Max.Pressure for transfer material:10 bar

          Max.Temperature: 140