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          衛生級減壓閥  不銹鋼衛生級卡箍式減壓閥 Sanitary pressure reducing valve

          衛生級減壓閥 不銹鋼衛生級卡箍式減壓閥 Sanitary pressure reducing valve

          衛生級減壓閥 不銹鋼衛生級卡箍式減壓閥







          Sanitary pressure reducing valve

          By adjusting the hand wheel to reduce the inlet pressure to a desired outlet pressure, and rely on the energy of the media itself, so that the outlet pressure automatically maintain a stable valve. That is, by changing the throttle area, the flow rate and fluid kinetic energy change, resulting in different pressure loss, so as to achieve the purpose of decompression. Then rely on the control and regulation of the system adjustment, the valve pressure fluctuations and spring balance, the valve pressure in a certain range of error remains constant.

          Our company, the hygienic pressure reducing valve, to ensure the valve cavity and the surface of the health requirements, at the same time both ends of the chuck fast connection, easy to disassemble and clean the valve; In addition, this valve factory standard Diaphragm pressure gauge, the valve outlet side of the pipeline can be the actual pressure value of the decompression requirements for debugging and monitoring

          Sanitary valves are mostly used in food, pharmaceutical, dairy, clean room, bio-engineering and other high-clean areas.

          Valve Specifications: DN15-DN50mm (1/2 "-2")

          Interface: quick clamp, live knot thread, butt welding, flange.

          Body material: stainless steel 304,316L